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How can we help?

AJP Tiling offers a full range of tiling services to meet your needs. If you just need your cloakroon sink retiled, we can help. If you want your whole bathroom renovated we can do that too.

We are happy to talk through your requirements, whatever they might be. Simply contact us on 07765 404741 or at enquiries@ajptiling.co.uk.

We can provide:

  • Free quotes/estimates
  • A free chat through your requirements to see how we can help
  • Free pick up of your tiles
  • Experience of special tile laying
  • Weekend/evening working

For further information, contact us on 07765 404741 or at enquiries@ajptiling.co.uk.


AJP Tiling, 126 Herschel Crescent, Oxford, OX4 3TY | Mobile: 07765 404741 | Email: enquiries@ajptiling.co.uk

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